VI. Homunculus Complete

“Yes I’ve seen the Homunculus. No, I’ve no idea what manner of creature it is. Fabius reckons it’s a servitor made from some hapless squat. I don’t believe that. The Duke puts far more worth in the Homunculus for it to be thus. Have you heard it speak? No? That’s because it never does, but it does click and tick and I swear I’ve heard quiet little streams of binaric coming from that thing. So my theory is it’s some kind of cogitator on stumpy little legs.”

~ Armsman Malek

So, here he is in all his inglorious beauty. I’m experimenting with basing colour. I seem to have a developed a palette for my miniatures, which uses dark dull colours, contrasting with stark pale shades and splashes of deep, dark reds. My old, dusty, sandy coloured bases just weren’t doing them any favours. I decided then, to give the Homunculus an orange, Martian dessert style base. I think it makes him come alive and I’ve decided to start revisiting some of my older miniatures for an update.

A final group shot. You might notice that Duke Ko’s heraldic shield is mysteriously blank. I was never entirely happy with the design. It was rushed to get the miniature finished. I feel like my painting has improved since then and I could do better, so he’s going to get an update.

Thanks for reading.

IV. Imperator Vult

On Medea Secundus they say that when the Cult of Serenity takes a life, the last thing the victim hears in the words, “Imperator Vult”. The Emperor wills it, in High Gothic.

This miniature has been very long in the making. Too long probably as I was in danger of starting to grow bored of it. Partly it was due to work and life getting in the way and leaving me very little time for hobbies. Partly it was due to the complexity of the model. In essence, it was more like making two miniatures which had to fit together and work together in the end. I hope I’ve pulled it off.




His base is an experiment. Washes made by adding weathering pigments to acrylic medium in an attempt to create an old and dusty appearance. I like the effect, so some previous bases may well be getting a repaint.

As always, thanks for taking time to look.

II. The Cult of Serenity

Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturbs the peace of the Emperor.

~ Lord Tal Kargan




Low in the Spire, yet above the simple dwellings of the Hivers, lives Lord Tal Kargan. A man who walks amongst commoner and noble with equal ease. A man with a darkness hidden behind his easy smile. Tal Kargan is a master of assassins, cutthroats and killers.




Where to begin?

Two miniatures were calling to me back to 40k. One is a miniature I made and finished some time ago. The other is a miniature I built a few months ago, but have yet to paint.

The first converted miniature I made, that I was truly and totally happy with (in fact really proud of), was this Death Cult assassin completed nearly two years ago.


The idea of Imperial Death cults has always had a bit of a fascination for me. I can’t help feeling though that it really can’t be the case that all Death Cultists are lithe women in bodysuits. Cults need leaders. Leaders need bodyguards and servants. Cults must have priests and acolytes. Assassins, even fanatical Death Cult assassins, must have different favoured methods for making their kill.

So, the first group I’ll be working on for Medea Secundus will be the local Death Cult, The Cult of Serenity. Their leader Tal Kargan is this chap;


One of those cases of a miniature which grew organically as I built him, leaving me not quite sure what I’d built. Well, now I know. He is Tal Kargan and Death sit on his shoulder.