New Beginnings

I’ve made my peace with Games Workshop. Which is to say, I was never actually at war with Games Workshop, but I had found myself disappointed and dissatisfied with Games Workshop. This led to a kind of semi-hiatus in my hobby. A period of tinkering and experimenting, with no clear direction.

What’s changed is a combination of, well, both them and me.

On the one hand, the more I’ve looked at what other people have done with Warhammer 40,000 in the past and in the present, the more I’ve realised that it can be whatever you want it to be. Conversely, I can choose to ignore anything I don’t like and my setting, my WH40k, my grim, dark future doesn’t suffer one jot as a result.

On the other hand, Games Workshop are doing a lot that I do like right now. The new primaris marines have awful fluff, but are gloriously good miniatures. I’m encouraged by the direction that the story of 40k is moving. The resurgence of Chaos, the Imperium Nihilus, the Ynnari … all of it sounds like it has great potential. I just can’t bring myself to trust Games Workshop writers to do it justice yet though. Not after the disappointment that was Gathering Storm.

My solution is to create my own 40k, my own scrap of the galaxy which can be exactly what I want it to be.

So, I’ll be kicking new life into my hobby and this blog. Expect an update very soon with details of what I’ve been working on and future plans. I did need a break. well, now I’ve had one.

In the meantime, you can see what I’ve been playing around with on Instagram. There’s a fancy new widget in the sidebar. Isn’t technology great? I can remember when all this was fields …


  1. Am glad to hear you have have climbed back into the saddle! From what I have seen on your Instagram you are creating some really cool stuff and I am really excited to see what you will come up with when you get your hands on kits like the primaris marines!

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  2. Glad to hear you’re getting back to the blog and I agree with you, sod the fluff, love the models and create what’s cool to you. It’s what really make this hobby great after all.


  3. The deepest, darkest secret in the Galaxy is that 40k has always been what we, the players, make of it. Good stuff ahead for you!


  4. That’s the right attitude to take. Just adopt the bits you like and decide that the awful parts (ork fungus, the word “Mon’keigh”. etc) aren’t parts of *your* 40k…
    I call it the “Highlander II” method.


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