VI. Homunculus Complete

“Yes I’ve seen the Homunculus. No, I’ve no idea what manner of creature it is. Fabius reckons it’s a servitor made from some hapless squat. I don’t believe that. The Duke puts far more worth in the Homunculus for it to be thus. Have you heard it speak? No? That’s because it never does, but it does click and tick and I swear I’ve heard quiet little streams of binaric coming from that thing. So my theory is it’s some kind of cogitator on stumpy little legs.”

~ Armsman Malek

So, here he is in all his inglorious beauty. I’m experimenting with basing colour. I seem to have a developed a palette for my miniatures, which uses dark dull colours, contrasting with stark pale shades and splashes of deep, dark reds. My old, dusty, sandy coloured bases just weren’t doing them any favours. I decided then, to give the Homunculus an orange, Martian dessert style base. I think it makes him come alive and I’ve decided to start revisiting some of my older miniatures for an update.

A final group shot. You might notice that Duke Ko’s heraldic shield is mysteriously blank. I was never entirely happy with the design. It was rushed to get the miniature finished. I feel like my painting has improved since then and I could do better, so he’s going to get an update.

Thanks for reading.


  1. He looks excellent! Your careful use of red really strengthens the model. I also really like the quote at the beginning of the post. It really adds to the mystery. The thought of the creature being a little cogitator is incredibly creepy, in the best way!

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