IV. Imperator Vult

On Medea Secundus they say that when the Cult of Serenity takes a life, the last thing the victim hears in the words, “Imperator Vult”. The Emperor wills it, in High Gothic.

This miniature has been very long in the making. Too long probably as I was in danger of starting to grow bored of it. Partly it was due to work and life getting in the way and leaving me very little time for hobbies. Partly it was due to the complexity of the model. In essence, it was more like making two miniatures which had to fit together and work together in the end. I hope I’ve pulled it off.




His base is an experiment. Washes made by adding weathering pigments to acrylic medium in an attempt to create an old and dusty appearance. I like the effect, so some previous bases may well be getting a repaint.

As always, thanks for taking time to look.


  1. Hello MB,

    I was wondering if there was an e-mail address I could contact you with? I’ve got a couple of questions regarding a conversion you did a while back and wouldn’t mind a bit of guidance.




  2. He’s very nice. I like the way you treated the breastplate – it’s nice to see just a touch of weathered metallic on the trim, instead of it being an all metal affair.


  3. He looks so great! It is a joy to see the model finished, and it to have been achieved so well! I love the dusty grey-white of his armor. A nice color for an assassin master 😀 The careful and small addition of red to the model is excellent too. His little friend is great too; the fleshy. inflamed tissue around where the cables extrude are particularly convincing.

    The base also looks dusty like you were hoping, a wonderful effect. Oh, and the Imperator Vult background is pretty rad too!


    • Cheers Eric. I tried out a couple of techniques I’ve never really attempted before (I have a lot to learn as a painter and I’m trying to edge myself out of my comfort zone). The cherub’s skin was fully painted all deathly grey first. I then applied several glazes of very thinned red to achieve the raw flesh look. Very happy with the results 🙂


  4. What a remarkable model; there are so many aspects of this model that I just adore. 🙂

    His face is one of my favorite aspects, the pale completion is spot on and the little markings above his right eye are ace. His breastplate looks wonderful too, the choice to make the front an off-white color was a great idea.


  5. Excellent work! I’ve been waiting for this model to get the paint treatment. Very good use of colours. He has certain nobility about him that you have gotten across perfectly. More of the same please! 🙂


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