II. The Cult of Serenity

Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturbs the peace of the Emperor.

~ Lord Tal Kargan




Low in the Spire, yet above the simple dwellings of the Hivers, lives Lord Tal Kargan. A man who walks amongst commoner and noble with equal ease. A man with a darkness hidden behind his easy smile. Tal Kargan is a master of assassins, cutthroats and killers.




Where to begin?

Two miniatures were calling to me back to 40k. One is a miniature I made and finished some time ago. The other is a miniature I built a few months ago, but have yet to paint.

The first converted miniature I made, that I was truly and totally happy with (in fact really proud of), was this Death Cult assassin completed nearly two years ago.


The idea of Imperial Death cults has always had a bit of a fascination for me. I can’t help feeling though that it really can’t be the case that all Death Cultists are lithe women in bodysuits. Cults need leaders. Leaders need bodyguards and servants. Cults must have priests and acolytes. Assassins, even fanatical Death Cult assassins, must have different favoured methods for making their kill.

So, the first group I’ll be working on for Medea Secundus will be the local Death Cult, The Cult of Serenity. Their leader Tal Kargan is this chap;


One of those cases of a miniature which grew organically as I built him, leaving me not quite sure what I’d built. Well, now I know. He is Tal Kargan and Death sit on his shoulder.



Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

~ Ancient Terran proverb


Medea Secundus. It lies far from any trade route. It doesn’t even appear on many star maps. Medea Secundus is all but forgotten.

Occasionally though, perhaps once in every century, an over officious scribe in the Administratum will uncover a reference to this half forgotten world in some dusty ledger and wonder if there are Imperial tithes left uncollected there. Forms will be filed. Machines put in motion.

The void ship which then appears in orbit will discover a world of a billion souls, most crammed into the sprawling hive city which squats over Medea Secundus’ equator. Then all the Spire Nobles, the hive gangs, the mendicants and underhive scavengers will be reminded that their true master is the master of all mankind. They have come to His attention once more.

Word will spread of the world’s existence. Soon traders will appear to test this new market. Explorators of the Mechanicus will descend to search for lost archeotech in the ancient ruins around Hive Medea. Pilgrims, penitents and pirates will all discover that Medea Secundus is a convenient stopping point on their journey. For a time, perhaps a generation the planet will come alive before with bustle and trade and intrigue. Inevitably though, as always, the visitors stop coming after a time and the world sinks back into familiar obscurity.

It is cycle played out countless times over the millennia and, right now, it is just beginning again.



Welcome. New Year, new blog.

Many, many years ago, when I was a teenager and before Warhammer 40k was even a thing, I used to collect and paint citadel miniatures. A few years ago I returned and began make miniatures. Miniatures like these;

I hope to continue making miniatures, but with more focus and a much better idea what I’m doing. Everything I’ve done until now feels like a dress rehearsal. Welcome to the main event.