II. In A Darker Age

"All warfare is based on deception"   In an age of darkness and treachery, a group of Astartes warriors found themselves in an impossible situation. An expeditionary fleet composed of regiments of the Imperial Army, representatives of the Mechanicum and the Emperor's Angels of Death (drawn from several legions), had successfully brought a distant world … Continue reading II. In A Darker Age


New Year, new blog. A relaunch at least. Motivated by all kinds of warm, yet still vague feelings about new beginnings, I'm determined that 2018 will be the year when I take my hobby up a notch. New models, better painting, hopefully more adventurous and experimental. An urge to produce something which is uniquely mine, … Continue reading I. CONCEPTION

Transmission Inbound

  In the New Year this blog will relaunch with a renewed focus and (hopefully) a new momentum. In the meantime, have a very happy holiday, whatever God or Gods you may, or may not, worship.